Moar RAM

Added some more RAM to the server today. This should help in general with lag, crashes, logging in, and other stuff. I expect it to help with the login timeouts that have been an issue recently, but I haven’t done enough testing to confirm RAM was the issue, so we shall see. Let me know if you see a difference in performance anywhere. This will also help me decide how to go about setting up the Hell map when portals are working some day.

5 Responses to Moar RAM

  1. alzdadog says:

    I havent seen you since the map started lol
    The serv was lagging when i was chopping trees, you dont know how annoying it gets untill your stuck inside a tree

  2. alzdadog says:

    oh could you turn mobs off for a day, day doesnt seem to last long enough and its taken 4 days so far to make half the first floor or a big building

  3. Indigoxv7 says:

    how much RAM does the server have now? I have my own server and it lags a lot more than Awesomecraft does with even less people and i want to add more RAM to fix this but don’t know how much is good.

  4. alzdadog says:

    The server isnt working right now

  5. I'm not giving my name to a computer! says:

    Andrew has stated that he doesn’t respond to questions or requests in comments, or in the comment section. You need to e-mail him at the e-mail he set up for the awesomecraft server, just so you all could contact him with questions and requests.

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