Hey guys, glad to see the community is still sticking together. To encourage this I set up a forum, which you can get to by clicking that link on the right side of the page. WordPress comments aren’t really a great communication tool, so I thought the forum would do a better job. It’s not super polished, but I’ll get on that at some point. Currently there is general discussion and server posting boards, but if anyone wants something else added let me know.

For anyone hosting a server, I can make a board for your server specifically and give you moderation on it, so let me know.

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  1. alzdadog says:

    I know indi has a server, but he is on a trip right now, just found out, i’m an op there right now so i’m going to have to keep a note till he gets back

  2. Mycousin1 says:

    ok well meh mum wont let me sign onto forums so ill just be commentng on entrys

  3. Mycousin1 says:

    if anyone wants to go onto my web site thats ok it is Rebuildtheminecraft

  4. Mycousin1 says:

    so yea well first type then type Rebuildtheminecraft why is it evrytime a try to spell minecraft i almost spell mincecraft why?

  5. Mycousin1 says:

    lol mince is the bomb! apart from eating it infront of where it came from which is the dimwitted cow

  6. frigjake9 says:

    I found a great server, if you want to check out the site go to, If you do join the server and I’m not on, I made a town called nipton, go ahead and hangout there.

  7. Mycousin1 says:

    ok thx and er…hey frig lol no offence i can see how u got that wrong with the i so close to the o

  8. Mycousin1 says:

    where is the community of awesomecraft?

  9. Mycousin1 says:

    wow nobody commented in 4 days whoa hmmmmm DUN DUN DUH! NOOOOOOO WHY ARE THEY DEAD?! WHY?!!!!??!?

  10. ToTheBrink says:

    I am currently on Ticy’s Server. His server is really good, and he just got a multiworld plugin, what this means is that the awesomecraft server will most likely be coming back. Cousin, I dont think(but am not sure) that Ticy will be hosting the classic server, but if you buy the game you could start playing Minecraft with the community again. Plz everyone at least check out Ticy’s server because it is awesome, and might soon have the awesomecraft SMP server on it, this possibility will only happen when Ticy’s 8 GB of RAM get to him and he installs it.

  11. ToTheBrink says:


  12. ToTheBrink says:

    Wow Ticy kicked me

  13. Mycousin1 says:

    SMP or classic?

  14. ToTheBrink says:

    its SMP, the awesomcraft classic might not be online for quite awhile

  15. Mycousin1 says:

    i see dam i only got classic online SMP doesnt work for me remeber i got uTORRENT

  16. Mycousin1 says:

    when i spell minecraft i dont acendiently spell mincecraft

  17. Mycousin1 says:

    wow nobody on yet thats not fun and weird

    • ToTheBrink says:

      ?what do you mean? also you should buy minecraft so we can play together, like buy it from the actual website:)

      • Mycousin1 says:

        dude why dont u reply much i always check mainly evryday u should too its easy to see whos been commenting and if theres a new entry

      • Mycousin1 says:

        oh and that wiLL be fun and mum is going to buy it somtime hope its no after May

        • ToTheBrink says:


          • Mycousin1 says:

            YaY :D do u have ur own place on there if so can i use it as my house so we can live together?

          • Mycousin1 says:

            reply soon cuz im going to be able to play minecraft i can only play it on weekends now since the other computers dont work for minecraft and mums laptop which has my user on it is at her house ill be visting her tonight until sunday

          • ToTheBrink says:

            My place is going to be a city, just like the one we were planning, but now i just have an area for a city, that we can build. So no not at the moment I do not have a home but i store stuff in Ticytacs place. Also there is an economic system using gold, and if you need any gold i can lend you some.

          • Mycousin1 says:

            will the city be open or underground?

          • ToTheBrink says:

            Both, i have the underground mined out

          • Mycousin1 says:

            nice man nice indeed

          • Mycousin1 says:

            good hmm i think we should have a hotel if people dont want to have their own houses

          • ToTheBrink says:


  18. Mycousin1 says:

    ok ill ask mum

  19. Mycousin1 says:

    New topic: I found a server called Awesometown does any one own this server or is it a official awesomecraft server?

  20. Mycousin1 says:

    stfu mum she wont let me get it :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  21. ToTheBrink says:


    • Mycousin1 says:

      WHY MOTHER I LOVED U! (not sure if i do anymore) WHY!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!?????>:( >:( >:(

      • ToTheBrink says:

        maybe if you used your money you could give that to your mom and she could use her credit card, your still paying for it so it might work. Just an idea :)

        • Mycousin1 says:

          Good idea brink. :D :D :D :) :) :)

          • Mycousin1 says:

            nobody has replyed in 4 days (sighs) i sure hope mum gets me minecraft

          • ToTheBrink says:

            Me too, also if any of your friends have a credit card you could do it with them. Can’t wait till you join, im in the process of making an extremeley big home, and you could help. Also when Ticy mcedits some space the residnetial district will pop up, as well as minecarts throughout the city, more of a subway system below the city. Also a spleef arena will be built. Anyways another idea to get minecraft is to ask it as a present from someone, for like a birthday, or even Easter even lol.

        • Mycousin1 says:

          um im 8 and also um it’s already Easter

  22. Mycousin1 says:

    OMG OMG OMG ANZAC is celebrating the people who went of to war to protect our country but tht was in the past u might have been one of the enemys of ours in the war but forget the past and forgive

  23. Mycousin1 says:

    so does that mean NZ allies were fighting NZ allies?

  24. Mycousin1 says:

    wait why are we talking about the war anyways?

  25. ToTheBrink says:

    Lol idk, but did your mom say you could get Minecraft?

  26. Mycousin1 says:

    …. Maybe on my birthday wait she said we would do laser tag but not anymore because she said she would get me an awesome present since minecraft is $60 that could be my present but, we have to wait

  27. ToTheBrink says:

    its not $60, its about $20 now

  28. Mycousin1 says:


  29. Mycousin1 says:

    accuallty ignore tht spamed one i think she will

  30. Mycousin1 says:

    anyways i cant belive that the servers been down for like ten or five months

    • ToTheBrink says:

      Yah but a new one has been put up under ticy, look for Not Quite Awesomecraft classic server

  31. Mycousin1 says:


  32. Mycousin1 says:

    is it online atm?

  33. Mycousin1 says:


  34. Mycousin1 says:

    wow 35 people

  35. Mycousin1 says:

    is it working?

  36. Mycousin1 says:

    ok so i mite get mum to get me minecraft for my birthday so if she does ill need any awesomecraft ip adress so i can play

  37. Mycousin1 says:

    ok im going to ask mum for it

  38. Mycousin1 says:

    Update she said we cant buy it now :( IDEA :) maybe if i bribe her!

  39. Mycousin1 says:

    hmmm bribing not working need new stratagy hmmmmm free hugs and then she will get me it MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >:) EVIL SCIENTEST

  40. Mycousin1 says:

    any one replying? wait whenever i say this somebody does reply

  41. Mycousin1 says:

    hi my nana doesnt belive that im sick when i am god

  42. Mycousin1 says:

    wow im the only person tht normally talks on here is it cuz people talk on da forums?

  43. Mycousin1 says:


  44. Mycousin1 says:


  45. Mycousin1 says:

    are you just saying that alzdadog?

  46. Mycousin1 says:

    hmm viruses can get annoying

  47. Mycousin1 says:

    basicly 3D game where u can create ur own world and also play games kinda like minecraft but instead there r weapons and there are games created by people and servers on each game

  48. Mycousin1 says:

    well cya i got school

  49. ToTheBrink says:

    So cousin i made a beta minecraft server, and you can join if you want

  50. Mycousin1 says:

    oh er ok ill do that when my mum pays $80 god dam it so i can get it

  51. Mycousin1 says:

    IKR! its rlly annoying and at this rate we will never get it!

  52. Mycousin1 says:

    I am a Sop on gamesgalaxy lava survival

  53. Mycousin1 says:

    Mmmm *looks at wafflez* TONIGHT I SLEEP IN UR CARCASS WAFFLEZ

  54. Mycousin1 says:

    Can’t go on minecraft cause i don’t have the JAVA plug in

  55. ToTheBrink says:

    Hey Mycousin, long time no talk. Have you been playing on the classic server lately?

  56. Mycousin1 says:

    no not really my JAVA plug in keeps breaking

  57. Mycousin1 says:

    I now do is it on atm

  58. Mycousin1 says:

    ARRRRRRRRRGGH! my mother blocked it!!!!! I FEEL LIKE CARTMAN ON SOUTH PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAWR!!! D:<

  59. Mycousin1 says:

    nope my java plugin! RAWR CARTMAN RAGE ON!

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