Status Update!

Alright, so for those of you following the server, here is the current rundown:

The parts for the new server are shipping today, and should arrive within a week. Shipping ETA is January 3rd, they may get here sooner or later than that. In any case this does not include the time it will take to set everything up and make sure everything functions properly. It is going to be a major project for my network, as current servers and computers will be getting moved and displaced.

The classic server will be migrated to the new machine. All the current maps will be saved. However, backups will be sent to a deep dark place that I will not often feel like going to for recovering things. This is going to allocate much more resources to the classic server and should keep it from crashing (as much).

The SMP server will stay on the current server. For those of you who didn’t know, there is currently an invite-only Awesomecraft SMP server under testing, which will be publicly available with the new server hardware. The current SMP server WILL BE RESET. We will decide how to moderate access to the SMP server later, but it will most likely be a whitelist.

With all of this is going to come more administrators, so behave and you may very well get promoted.

This will also be the start of server announcements on Minecraft-related websites and forums, along with building competitions with actual prizes (for example several reserved alpha keys)

Stick around for more info, and have fun on the server!

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  1. GidbinN says:

    This is awesome! Glad to hear about it!

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