The SMP server is up and working under a new server wrapper addon. The server now uses a whitelist function, so you cannot log in unless you are on the whitelist. Email me for that admin@awesomecraft.net

The new SMP adress is just smp.awesomecraft.net. No need for a port anymmore

The classic server’s machine is running, but I still need to get the classic server working on it (I spent all my time so far on the SMP). That should be up by around 4:00 AM PST.

Hang in there, almost done!

5 Responses to Update:

  1. GidbinN says:

    hey Andrew,

    Glad to know that you’ve got your new machine already and that you’re already working on the new server,
    but is it just me or is the SMP server not working at all?

    I’ve tried with both my PC and Mac to connect to smp.awesomecraft.net,, with 25565 or with 25566 as port.
    non of them worked, it says either crash or cannot connect to the server.

  2. AndrewXA9 says:


    Forgot to port forward :/

  3. alzdadog says:

    I like the new server, but you said our inventory would be saved :(
    i had stuff ready for the new world (Coal, wood, tools, diamonds, iron, gold, seeds), as did others, although i wasnt sure how it was going to be saved but i hoped for the best

  4. AndrewXA9 says:

    You’ll get it back, don’t worry, it just has to be done manually

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