The Old Map

Gidbinn requested a full map of the trial SMP server, so here it is:

Click for the full map


5 Responses to The Old Map

  1. its a bit slow and confusing but really cool

  2. alzdadog says:

    I miss venice

  3. water_cat1 says:

    See the loop far far far to the left? yes, you can blame me and Gid. At the far left is Dr. Creeper’s house in The Valley of the Creepers. Its a really sweet place.

  4. GidbinN says:

    This is a labeled but a smaller version of the map.

    • alzdadog says:

      aww you never labled my secret tower…thought its at like -4000
      I spent 10 minutes running then made a tower
      Its hard to get to though
      mines, traps, lava and darkness

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