Not My Fault! =D (Updated)

Alright, so the almighty Hmod server wrapper that we know and love for the SMP is currently not updated to work with the newest MineCraft update. How long it is until this is fixed is anyone’s guess, but as I understand it Hmod has an entirely new server program due any day, so we will probably get both at the same time. In the mean time, I have a regular old nothing-fancy fully updated server running in place of the actual AwesomeCraft world, so that will be there until further notice if you would like to color sheep and beat up a squid while the actual server is down.


So as it  turns out the hMod people don’t care about MineCraft anymore, so with this new update, hMod is literally gone forever. That said, the  team working on ‘Bukkit’, the new software that is the official takeover of hMod, is now under immense pressure to get finished. The temp server will still be there, since I have no intention of having the official AwesomeCraft SMP up without a whitelist. I’m watching closely, as to have the regular SMP map up ASAP.

If you want to follow the development of it,

13 Responses to Not My Fault! =D (Updated)

  1. alzdadog says:

    oh i was about to complain that the map was reset again, but its all good now
    I would be mega pissed
    BTW andrew do you check the email for awesomecraft@admin (i think thats it)…admin@awesomecraft i mean

  2. Palomis says:

    Well wish you can make the server function as well as I can use the computer :)

  3. alzdadog says:

    new map is meh, and im too lazy to build on it now
    should have made it hell world, that would be some crazy but fun shit

  4. Mrnrh says:

    YES that would have been awesome

  5. alzdadog says:

    :D someone agrees :D
    though i’m sure someone would agree to free cake for everyone

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