So the developers of Bukkit  released a new update. You can read the details here, but basically it means they are not much further along in completion of Bukkit, (as far as I could tell), so some more waiting needs to be done unfortunately. Until then, there is still an up-to-date non-whitelist server there for your pleasure, with a landscape that  I must say I like quite a bit. Some members are building some nice structures in there, so if you want in, pick your gamble. It MIGHT become the main server, depending how developed it gets (which is apparently not very, so nevermind I guess).

tl;dr: I blame Canada.

18 Responses to Progress?

  1. water_cat1 says:


  2. gamebrain8505 says:


    • water_cat1 says:

      Yes, please don’t. I have done too much stuff on the old map, too little on the new one because i knew it was temp.

  3. alzdadog says:

    Oh no!
    Please dont make it the main server
    The map we were on was becoming awesome
    Change is bad…just look at youtube, it sucks, thanks google you bastard

  4. alzdadog says:

    Why is this “that snowy place that no one cares about”‘s Fault?

  5. gamebrain8505 says:

    also, why is the classic server down…

  6. K_dogz_14 says:

    Yeah just commenting here. Why is Classic down.. and watercat hows the ‘problem’

  7. Indigoxv7 says:

    Please do not make this the main server. although the landscape may look good, Minecraft is an infinitely generated world so I’m sure we can find just as good or better of a place in the other map.

    • Indigoxv7 says:


      I wouldn’t have the hart to start anew on the underground city, as I have already used 13 diamond pick’s simply mining out the cave for it.

  8. gn0mipr0 says:

    do awsmcraft have a alpa server :0?:)

  9. alzdadog says:

    you bastard…your the one who “updated” youtube!