Real-Time SMP Map

Head on over to the SMP map page (link on the right sidebar) and you can see the SMP map in all it’s Minecraftness. It will update player locations live and update map tiles as chunks are modified. This does mean that a lot of the map will just be blank space until someone goes to that tile and modifies a block, so anything you want to see on the map that is not there yet, just go place a block somewhere on that tile. Have fun!

6 Responses to Real-Time SMP Map

  1. water_cat1 says:


  2. Ticytac says:

    I get Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.
    well… that kinda sucks.

  3. AndrewXA9 says:

    The server went out some time last night under strain, so you might just have tried to view the map at a bad time. Does it work now?

  4. gamebrain8505 says:

    how do I load chunks without people being on them?

  5. Indigoxv7 says:

    Pure awesomeness!

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