AwesomeCraft Currently Consists of a Classic server, an SMP server, and a community Website

The Classic server is run under the final build of MCLawl, and contains an ever increasing amount of guest maps. You can find it under the name AwesomeCraft on the master server list, or by clicking on this here hyperlinked string of text.

The SMP server is open to all, but you must be added to the whitelist to log in. You may do so by either getting invited by a player who is already on the whitelist or by having a good reputation on the Classic server, and then sending a request to admin@awesomecraft.net. The adress of the SMP is smp.awesomecraft.net

Future plans are:

-Community Forums

7 Responses to About

  1. GidbinN says:

    I am looking forward to SMP server!

  2. Eggpower says:

    Best minecraft server evar!!

  3. Hawkzed says:


  4. Palomis says:

    Hi gid, hi egg

  5. alzdadog says:

    I remember the first time i came to this server
    I joined then accidentally caused a small flood
    Then had to fight zombies infront of nameless
    It was that easy to become a builder :P
    that was ages ago
    2 demotes later :P

  6. Mycousin1 says:

    i remeber when i went on
    first i built a hotel then i built a terminator face and joker statue kinda then i did random stuff

  7. Mycousin1 says:

    ive never been demoted well only when the server was down and evryone was a guest but i got my rank bck

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