AwesomeCraft will host prize-bearing competitions in Minecraft. This page will Keep you updated on those and their details.

20 Responses to Competitions

  1. alzdadog says:

    creeper punching tourney!

  2. Mycousin1 says:

    oh god creeper torunamant? alz thats dam sik

  3. frogjake9 says:

    How about a tournament for the first three minecraft days. You start out completely new. A group of people are put into an area, and have to see how fast they can make a good house, and get good stuff. You have three days.

  4. gamebrain8505 says:

    What about a redstone-traps-mob-spawner-chest-item-tool-tnt-gold-ingot related dungeon challenge?

  5. alzdadog says:

    What about survive a volcano, you need to build a shelter out of 3 blocks to survive :P

  6. Mycousin1 says:

    um alz how can u bulid a selter out of 3 blocks? <:(

  7. frogjake9 says:

    Cousin, simply dig with the block of dirt, place one in the direction of the lava, place the other two in the two directions facing parallel to the volcano.

  8. Mycousin1 says:

    ooooooooooooh wow im going to try that for somereason now

  9. Setsuno9 says:

    Easy Idea for a competition, an op takes groups to Unexplored wilderness without any items and sees which group can make a triforce of gold blocks first. oh wait, nvm that would be 81 gold. Was a cool idea when it first popped into my head.

  10. Mycousin1 says:

    um yea im not going to try it now probably burn my wood house down :(

  11. Mycousin1 says:

    and my secret crafting stuff and my rail way…evrything i own :(

  12. Mycousin1 says:

    and my sheep pet and my duck pet

  13. frogjake9 says:

    Cousin, you on beta server now?

  14. Mycousin1 says:

    no well no if u mean SMP sp yes

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