This is the real-time map of the SMP server. Any black areas will be updated to display the map when they are modified, so if you want a tile to show up on the map, go there and place a block somewhere and it will magically update after a second. It will be a community effort to keep the map loaded!

Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.

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(Note: The map will sometimes not display in Internet Explorer. Get a better browser)

27 Responses to SMP Map

  1. gamebrain8505 says:

    pretty big, I can see my house from over here :P

  2. Mrnrh says:

    Is the server crashed now? i cant log on for the last 2 hours… :(

  3. gamebrain8505 says:

    Update now!
    do it

  4. alzdadog says:

    Woo i can see nevada and Arizza from here
    you should up date it though
    because there is a lot of stuff missing that should be there
    with we had a live feed
    infact thats stupid since no one is on that map

  5. Mrnrh says:

    i get really disorientated sometimes on the live map. would it be an idea to have the live map and the massive one?

  6. gamebrain8505 says:

    Now I don’t need to log in to see if someone’s even online

  7. alzdadog says:

    ugh the map doesn’t work for me
    Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.

  8. frogjake9 says:

    I’m using firefox, and I get the same error as indi, and alz

  9. ToTheBrink says:

    The server is down so id assume thats is the reason that the map is down

  10. Mycousin1 says:

    um what happened to the server all night and day i dont see it

  11. frogjake9 says:

    Yeah, it’s totally messed up, probably because of the server being down.

  12. Mycousin1 says:


  13. Setsuno9 says:

    Viruses? oh snap

  14. Mycousin1 says:

    yeah er its been like, FOUR DAYS since the server was down

  15. Mrnrh says:

    patience, sir… patience

  16. frogjake9 says:

    Yeah, how long will it be?

  17. Mycousin1 says:

    dunnno but um………………..probably long….but when its on I going to work on brinks city/town/village. :)

  18. Mycousin1 says:

    oh and i do have patience

  19. frogjake9 says:

    The underground one?

  20. Setsuno9 says:

    After I finish the forge and my house, its time to finally work on The Super Adventure!

  21. Mycousin1 says:

    yep well its brinks sorta mine and we r focusing on the personal castles and museums etc

  22. Mycousin1 says:

    its been at least a week since the servers down i hope its up soon

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